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Hotels Vigo

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Featured Hotels

Gran Hotel Nagari Boutique & SPA
Gran Hotel Nagari Boutique & SPA *****
The establishment was built in 2010. The establishment comprises a total of 72 accommodation units. A lobby and a reception are available to guests. Amenities include a safe....
From 86,71 €/Night
Hotel Inffinit
Hotel Inffinit ***
This 3 star hotel is located in the city centre of Vigo. This 3 star hotel is located in the city centre of Vigo. Rooms Number: 0
From 52,70 €/Night
Hotel Pazo Los Escudos
Hotel Pazo Los Escudos *****
Customers can relax in the communal rooms, chatting with friends. Health and beauty facilities include Sauna and Hairdressers. Pets not allowed. Guests can rent a car from...
From 87,84 €/Night
Gran Hotel HLG Samil
Gran Hotel HLG Samil ****
This 4**** hotel is the perfect destination for enjoying the seaside setting of VIGO. It's 137 rooms offer customers a functional and pleasant environment. We offer Breakfast...
From 73,60 €/Night


List of Hotels Vigo

Apartamentos Bahía de Vigo ***
Apartamentos Puerta del Sol Vigo *
Gran Hotel HLG Samil ****
From 73,60 €/Night
Gran Hotel Nagari Boutique & SPA *****
From 86,71 €/Night
Hostel Kaps Vigo
Hotel AC Palacio Universal ****
From 52,38 €/Night
Hotel Aguila Vigo
Hotel Alda Estación
From 34,16 €/Night
Hotel América Vigo ***
From 41,73 €/Night
Hotel Argentino Vigo *
From 34,16 €/Night
Hotel Atlantico **
From 33,60 €/Night
Hotel Axis Vigo ****
From 43,33 €/Night
Hotel Bahía de Vigo ****
From 40,99 €/Night
Hotel Boutique Agua de Mar
From 65,23 €/Night
Hotel Canaima Vigo **
From 28,54 €/Night
Hotel Celta
Hotel Ciudad de Vigo ****
From 41,31 €/Night
Hotel Coia ****
From 46,71 €/Night
Hotel Compostela Vigo **
From 70,60 €/Night
Hotel del Mar Vigo
Hotel Dinastía **
Hotel Hesperia Vigo ****
From 32,86 €/Night
Hotel Husa Ogalia Vigo **
From 35,14 €/Night
Hotel Inffinit ***
From 52,70 €/Night
Hotel Junquera **
From 44,14 €/Night
Hotel México Vigo ***
From 31,59 €/Night
Hotel NH Palacio de Vigo ****
From 39,04 €/Night
Hotel Oca Ipanema ***
From 29,25 €/Night
Hotel Pantón Vigo **
From 27,52 €/Night
Hotel Pazo Los Escudos *****
From 87,84 €/Night
Hotel Tres Luces ***
From 28,73 €/Night
Hotel Tryp Los Galeones ****
From 43,47 €/Night
Hotel Vigo Plaza
From 29,28 €/Night
Hotel Zenit Vigo ***
From 42,60 €/Night



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