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Hotels Santiago de Compostela

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Featured Hotels

Gran Hotel Santiago
Gran Hotel Santiago ****
Santiago de Compostela
Services: This hotel enjoys an enviable setting at the heart of Santiago de Compostela. The property is just a 15 minutes' walking distance away from the old town. A diverse...
From 34,26 €/Night
Hotel Hesperia Peregrino
Hotel Hesperia Peregrino ****
Santiago de Compostela
Services: This city and business hotel is situated in the new town of Santiago de Compostela. The hotel enjoys a prime setting close to the main train station and the...
From 34,02 €/Night
Hotel Monumento San Francisco
Hotel Monumento San Francisco ****
Santiago de Compostela
Services: Featuring a prime situation just 150 metres from the Cathedral, right in Santiago de Compostela's historic city centre, the hotel offers all the facilities to enjoy...
From 102,21 €/Night
Hotel Los Abetos
Hotel Los Abetos ****
Santiago de Compostela
Services: This hotel is located in the city centre of Santiago de Compostela. It lies just a short driving distance away from the cathedral. Many of the city's most prominent...
From 55,95 €/Night

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List of Hotels Santiago de Compostela

A Casa da Torre Branca
Albergue Seminario Menor
Apartamentos Aurelia Antica
Apartamentos Catedral Suites Santiago
Apartamentos Cruceiro do Galo ***
From 47,15 €/Night
Casa Grande do Bachao LLL
Ciudad de Vacaciones Monte do Gozo **
Gran Hotel Santiago ****
From 34,26 €/Night
Hospedería San Martín Pinario **
From 42,55 €/Night
Hospedería Via Lucis
Hostal México **
From 32,77 €/Night
Hostel O Fogar de Teodomiro **
From 29,28 €/Night
Hotel A Quinta da Auga ****
From 109,75 €/Night
Hotel A Tafona do Peregrino **
From 37,33 €/Night
Hotel AC Palacio del Carmen *****
From 72,25 €/Night
Hotel Albardonedo **
Hotel Alda Algalia *
From 39,04 €/Night
Hotel Altair ***
From 58,56 €/Night
Hotel Area Central ***
From 30,13 €/Night
Hotel As Artes
Hotel Boutique Capitol
From 68,12 €/Night
Hotel Carris Casa de la Troya ***
From 49,34 €/Night
Hotel Castro ***
From 34,65 €/Night
Hotel Compostela ****
From 60,43 €/Night
Hotel Eurostars Araguaney *****
From 61,06 €/Night
Hotel Eurostars San Lazaro ****
From 38,15 €/Night
Hotel Fonte de San Roque
Hotel Garcas
Hotel Gastronómico San Miguel ***
Hotel Gelmírez ***
From 41,97 €/Night
Hotel Herradura Santiago ***
From 56,66 €/Night
Hotel Hesperia Peregrino ****
From 34,02 €/Night
Hotel Husa Ciudad de Compostela ***
From 27,20 €/Night
Hotel Husa Santiago Apóstol ***
From 30,38 €/Night
Hotel Husa Universal **
From 30,81 €/Night
Hotel Los Abetos ****
From 55,95 €/Night
Hotel Lux Santiago ***
From 32,76 €/Night
Hotel Mirador de Belvís **
From 44,42 €/Night
Hotel Monumento San Francisco ****
From 102,21 €/Night
Hotel Moure
From 83,92 €/Night
Hotel MV Bonaval **
Hotel Nest Style Santiago ***
From 33,80 €/Night
Hotel NH Collection Santiago ****
From 57,79 €/Night
Hotel O Desvio ***
From 53,68 €/Night
Hotel Oca Puerta del Camino ****
From 43,04 €/Night
Hotel Pazo de Altamira ***
From 49,83 €/Night
Hotel Pombal ***
From 41,48 €/Night
Hotel Rey Fernando **
From 33,19 €/Night
Hotel Rúa do Villar ***
Hotel Ruta Jacobea ***
From 47,83 €/Night
Hotel San Carlos Santiago ***
From 41,00 €/Night
Hotel San Lázaro
Hotel San Lorenzo ***
From 33,03 €/Night
Hotel San Vicente Santiago ***
Hotel Santa Lucía Santiago ***
From 26,62 €/Night
Hotel Tryp Santiago ****
From 43,10 €/Night
Hotel Virxe da Cerca ****
From 55,50 €/Night
Parador Hostal de los Reyes Católicos *****
From 138,55 €/Night
Pazo Xan Xordo ***
Pensión Montes **
From 121,16 €/Night
Pensión Rosa Rosae ***
From 45,87 €/Night



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